version-controlled sketch for skillful designers & design teams

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version-controlled sketch for skillful designers & design teams

What is the goal of the workshop in one sentence?

The workshop goal is: Get to know the versioning workflow and how it works with Sketch, and then set up a your own versioning workflow based on your requirements.

But, can I have more details? Sure.

The course is a result of years of experience in the software design field. The course lecturer started designing with PS 2.0 back in the days, though he never used PS’s own Version Cue. Since Sketch is now theee program to design software interfaces, team collaboration and team processes need to adapt as Sketch allows for a much much faster and a less error-prone way of designing and actually coding.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn why you and your team should use Sketch with version control
  • What is version control, what is Git
  • Why do developers use version control and services like GitHub or Gitlab?
  • Learn the best and most efficient way to update Sketch plugins
  • How can Sketch files be versioned? What tools can be used, between deploying the simplest and most flexible approach?
  • What are the pitfalls when a design process includes versioning with Sketch?
  • What are the real benefits for me and the team?
  • Learn about the different ways a design team could use version systems
  • Learn how can the design process be improved through version control with Sketch?
  • How does the collaboration between design and engineering benefits?

Am I within the target audience?

The course has been carefully designed for anyone who wants to bring her own or her teams' process to the next level. The course will provide the insight needed to tremendously improve the collaboration between the design- and engineering teams.

version-controlled sketch for skillful designers & design teams

What will I need?

  • A Mac and a good internet connection
  • A rough idea of what the concept of version control implies

Does the workshop cost anything?

The workshop fee is 159 EUR per person to be paid upfront. But, we give a guarantee: 100% money-back if you are not satisfied.

OK and who will be the instructor?

Andree Huk, the Experience Design Director at, will be leading the workshop.

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