overview of selected projects

kraken.com Trading UI Refresh

what we did:
An internal challenge - our founder used the exchange and inspired the team to design a fresh UI
what we achieved:
A fresh looking UI for a technical-minded target group

Experience design & engineering with ReactJS

what we did:
Customer discovery with the client, then designed and built the customer-centric B2B dashboard through which a Unidesq customer manages their campaigns, account and subscription.
what we achieved:
We built a unique UI that sets Unidesq apart from their competition.

Lean UX & Prototyping for IOT

what we did:
We ran a lean UX & design doing workshop with the IOT team which resulted in the build of an MVP.
what we achieved:
The MVP was well received and was then used to further develop the ideas internally.

eCommerce Responsive Design

what we did:
We redesigned the experience across desktop, tablet and phone based on a content audit and user research.
what we achieved:
Sparhandy.de crossed 400 EUR million in revenue 2016 after the redesign

UX for mobile app & website

what we did:
We redesigned the entire experience from scratch for iOS and Android, built 2 prototypes which were tested against users’ expectations.
what we achieved:
Museums and end customers really like the app. We have also increased the NPS from 10 to 38.

Responsive Web-App Design

what we did:
Cross-platform concept for iOS and Android devices, interaction and visual design from scratch (project collaboration).
what we achieved:
An average session length of high double-digits on average (#18 in Germany).

who our clients are

  • Alibaba
  • Fond of Bags
  • SAIC
  • Barclays
  • Sparhandy
  • Bitbay
  • FSInvestment Solutions
  • Unidesq
  • Mobile.de
  • Vodafone
  • Miniguide
  • UBS
  • ebay
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • CloudGuide
  • Wuaki.tv
  • Movie Pilot
  • Midokura.com

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