eCommerce Responsive Design

what we did
We redesigned the experience across desktop, tablet and phone based on a content audit and user research.
what we achieved crossed 400 EUR million in revenue 2016 after the redesign

what the client says

  • Die Zusammenarbeit war wirklich lobenswert und ging weit über das vertragliche hinaus. Danke für die Unterstützung beim Thema Mobile.

    David Tischler, Projektleiter Grafik & UX

We were brought in at a time at which hardly anything of was properly usable on mobile. One was able to access pages via their mobile phone, but it was anything but a great experience as a visitor had to access desktop webpages on mobile. The technology team at Sparhandy had already started to rebuild the backend architecture for the front-end to be able to adapt to user needs and devices though.

Over the years, the online shop and overall site had grown to include many product pages, category pages and other sorts of listing pages, alongside a plethora of landing pages for hundreds of different products that had been sold in the past.

Landscape view showing cell phone plans in a 2-column grid

Responsive UX design for web and mobile at

More coming soon…

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