our beliefs

Our passion for out-of-the-box thinking drives everything we do. We believe that dedication and focus delivers best-in-class work for our clients, every day.

We believe simplicity makes a difference in people's lives. We are also aware that it is far easier to talk about simplicity than put it into practice. Luckily, every single person at blended.io, whether that is in our Experience or Engineering practice, shares the passion, the drive and willingness to transform complex technology into simple-to-use products and services.

We also believe that top-notch digital services and physical products can only be achieved through a deep understanding of engineering coupled with a holistic approach to user experience design. Through our portfolio of successful projects we have shown a deep understanding and curiosity for people and their behaviour and proven deep knowledge and understanding for building server architectures and APIs. However, neither experience nor engineering expertise alone makes products and services successful.

Therefore, we believe that making a difference for our clients requires a carefully considered blend of engineering & experience design paired with a tenacious focus on simplicity. And that by finding the right people and working hard to keep them at their best, we create great experiences and a great company.

Our founder Andree is obsessed with simplicity, quality and excellence. We thrive when creating simple yet powerful server applications and APIs. We are passionately convinced that simplicity makes the biggest difference in people's lives. It clarifies, focuses, brings joy, and outperforms the competition.

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