We help forward-thinking businesses build and design top-notch, multi-platform, digital products.

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who our clients are

  • FSInvestment Solutions
  • Sparhandy
  • Alibaba
  • Unidesq
  • Miniguide
  • Mobile.de
  • Socius
  • ebay
  • UBS
  • Wide-Eyes Technologies
  • Vodafone
  • CloudGuide
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • SAIC
  • Movie Pilot
  • Wuaki.tv

what our clients say

  • I really enjoyed the collaboration and appreciated their flexibility to adapt when requirements changed. The team does have the right blend of UX and engineering skills.

    Deb Misra, Senior VP Engineering @fsinvestments.com
  • blended.io ran a design thinking workshop with our team and then built an MVP which was very well received at Midokura. Looking forward to the next project, blended.

    Carlos Amselem, Director of Engineering @midokura.com
  • The blended.io team is very skilled and professional, and still very dynamic and flexible when requirements change. I really enjoyed working with them.

    Daniel Mensing, Leiter Online-Marketing @fondofbags.com
  • Die Zusammenarbeit war wirklich lobenswert und ging weit über das vertragliche hinaus. Danke für die Unterstützung beim Thema Mobile.

    David Tischler, Projektleiter Grafik & UX @sparhandy.de
  • Our app has been online for about 2 years now. End users as well as our museum client keep giving very good feedback. Thanks again for the good job, guys.

    Joris van Dyk, Chief Technology Officer @cloudguide.me

what we've done

Experience design & engineering with ReactJS

what we did
We designed and built the customer-centric B2B dashboard through which a Unidesq customer manages their campaigns, account and subscription.
what we achieved
We built a unique UI that sets Unidesq apart from their competition.

eCommerce Responsive Design

what we did
We redesigned the experience across desktop, tablet and phone based on a content audit and user research.
what we achieved
The concept stood the test against user expectations very well and is currently in development.

Responsive Web-App Design

what we did
Cross-platform concept for iOS and Android devices, interaction and visual design from scratch (project collaboration).
what we achieved
An average session length of high double-digits on average (#18 in Germany).

why we do it

We believe that making a difference for our clients requires a carefully considered blend of engineering & experience design paired with a tenacious focus on simplicity.

Every single person at blended.io shares this belief. They also have the drive and willingness to transform complex feature sets into simple-to-use products. Our passion makes the difference.

We help forward-thinking businesses build and design top-notch, multi-platform, digital products by blending Engineering & Experience.

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